Heliocentric Studios is the concept art and illustration work of Joshua Wright.



After many years working in graphic design, Josh decided that concept art may provide a superior career choice for his love of weird creatures, curious characters and strange landscapes. Since moving to Melbourne, Australia, Josh has created artwork for a variety of clients, from board games, computer games, publications to commercials, storybooks, retail design and even scientific papers.

In addition freelance work, Josh is also working on his first board game, Shadows Over Swellsville, a game of suburban treachery, diabolical cults and casual backstabbing.




2d digital art
Traditional painting
Sprite based animation
Graphic design

Storybook Illustration


Artwork for Tin Man Games, 3 Sprockets, Playbit Entertainment, Appster, Sixpence Games,
Greater Than Games and Flat Earth Games.


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josh [at] heliocentric [dot] com [dot] au



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